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Naptime with Flow Amsterdam: Creating together a delightful sleeping time for your baby!

Naptime with Flow Amsterdam: Creating together a delightful sleeping time for your baby!

Watching your baby peacefully sleep! There is something truly magical about this moment. You may then reflect on the innate need that your baby has for comfort and security. At Flow Amsterdam, they understand the essence of rest and harmony in life and that is why they have beautifully created the products to provide your baby with love, trust, and safety during their sleep and parents a piece of mind!

In this blog, we would love to share with you a little bit more of our collection from Flow Amsterdam and give you a glimpse into the simplicity that this brand represents.

Giving your little one a sense of security, warmth, and relaxation during their nap is surely the magic behind a good sleep. The heartbeat comforter is a unique product that combines a heartbeat imitation with soothing melodies to help your baby feel at ease and sleep soundly. You can select from a range of calming sounds such as a waterfall or heartbeat sound and two other lullabies to create a cozy environment for a restful sleep. When you set a time, its melody will keep playing till then and if you hear the sound of your baby crying, no worries, the comforter will automatically start playing its lovely melodies. You can choose from our collection the cute and sweet Liva Heartbeat Comforter or Milo Heartbeat Comforter, both made from gentle and soft materials that are delicate to your little one’s skin. Also, they are cuddly and small enough to fit your baby’s little hands. Liva and Milo will become your baby’s best buddies during their sleep!


A baby’s world is about beautiful dreams and moments, too. With the Björn Projector or Moby Projector, you can turn the sleeping space of your baby into a dreamy one. The projectors are rechargeable and have six different lighting options with three brightness levels. Apply the light combination that your little one finds the most comforting. Your baby would be happy to look at the pretty projections on the ceiling while falling asleep peacefully.

For a calming atmosphere that is perfect for sleep, we also have a variety of nightlights in our Flow Amsterdam collection. Choose your favorite designs between Moby Night Light, Liva Night Light, or Oscar Wall Light. The night lamp will emit a gentle glow for 15 minutes or you can select the option to let it stay on all night. The fun part is that you can change the colors of the lamp by just tapping on it. You can let your kids tap on it as well, because the lamps are soft enough for them to even cuddle with it before falling asleep. 

We hope that this blog gave you some ideas on how to transform your baby’s bedtime routine into some magical and comforting hours of sleep. Find the best friend of your baby during sleep and sweet dreams to your little one!

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