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Create a comfy and beautiful nursery with the Garbo & Friends bedding collection

Create a comfy and beautiful nursery with the Garbo & Friends bedding collection

Babies spend a lot of time in their cots, thus choosing a comfy and safe bedding set is important. When it comes to bedding, we are absolutely a superfan of the Swedish brand Garbo & Friends, that have tailored some stylish and unique bedding products for your little one to have the sweetest sleep. Each of the Garbo & Friends collections is inspired by the beauty of nature, which is reflected in the patterns of their bedding products. From classical floral prints to some more playful animal designs, Garbo & Friends collection is sure to become a beloved item in your baby’s nursery!

G&Fs bedding Cherrie Blossom

Our Garbo & Friends collection consists of various products from fitted sheets, pillowcases, matt covers, bed bumpers, bedding sets, swaddles, and sleeping bags. The funny part is that you can mix and match these items with each other to create a soothing and calming space in your baby's nursery. Also, to enjoy the beautiful sunny days ahead, the baby pod from Garbo & Friends, which features some amazing botany patterns, will give your baby a lovely and comfy spot.

Garbo & Friends bedding
The bedding pieces are crafted with attention to detail and each of them features some different stunning prints such as blackberries, bluebell, mimosa, rosemary, botany, or fauna, all giving a different special vibe to your nursery. These simple and delicate, yet pretty patterns will make your nursery look like a cozy oasis! With summer just around the corner, the beautiful patterns of Dogwood, Mimosa, and Cherrie Blossom, would surely create a floral summer nest in your baby’s room!
Garbo & Friends Bedding
Not only are Garbo & Friends designs beautiful, but they are also carefully created. The unique designs and the heavenly soft and organic materials have made Garbo & Friends a favorite brand among parents, who want their baby's nursery to feel as good as it looks. A signature of Garbo & Friends is the usage of the most sustainable, and safe fabrics in their bedding collection. Especially when it comes to fitted sheets, pillowcases, mat covers, or swaddle blankets, which have direct contact with your baby’s skin, they feature 100% Cotton Muslin fabric, which is an incredibly soft and lightweight material. The great thing about this material is that it will get softer and softer with each wash, making the texture of the fabric a tender surface for your little one to sleep in. Also, a piece of sustainable advice? Use and reuse them for the years to come. With their long-lasting quality fabrics, they will be passed on for generations!
Garbo & Friends Bedding
You can also check the Garbo & Friends Collection, and have a look over the big range of patterns and color combinations in each bedding piece. Find your favorite bedding prints that perfectly fit into any nursery while providing the utmost comfort for your little one!
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