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Here are some holiday essentials for a cool summer with your baby

Here are some holiday essentials for a cool summer with your baby

The so-long-awaited summer holidays are already here! All the fun you are going to have, that is amazing! But let’s be honest, that’s not how a summer-fun conversation ends for parents. When we say hot days or shining sun, our parental instincts don’t just jump to the thoughts of summertime and vacation. Nope! We immediately start thinking about all the extra protection and comfort our little ones need. So, before you set off to the excitement of summer, in this blog we have prepared a checklist of some holiday essentials items to make this summer with your baby as wonderful as it can be. Let’s have a look!


The waves are also calling for your little one! If there is something that babies love doing when they are on the water, it is those cute splish-splash moments that they enjoy so endlessly. A pair of swimwear, with a soft and safe fabric are good to have so your baby can have a fun-filled water experience. Wear them on and happy swimming!

swim wear

The waterproof swim diapers would be a perfect fit for your baby to enjoy an aquatic getaway while ensuring he stays clean and comfortable. You could also capture some super nice picture holiday moments of your baby in swim diapers, that are as fashionable as they are functional. They are available in different prints and colors. How cute and cool can that be?

 swim diapers Billie Wonder

Travel cot

This summer the AeroMoov travel cot will be your family’s best companion, wherever you go. Are you traveling far or near? It doesn’t really matter when you can set up, fold, and store the travel cot in an incredibly easy way. Your baby will have his playful nest anyplace this holiday. And for some extra protection from the mighty UV radiation, the sunshade screen will create a safe and shady spot.


Kapok car seat pad

Kapok car seat pads are ideal to ensure comfortable car rides for your little one. Its temperature-regulating and moisture-absorption features will help keep your baby dry, safe, and rested during the trip.

Kapok car seat pad


A breathable mattress protector and fitted sheets

You know how uncomfortable you can get on those very warm sunny days. Let alone for a child who is not able to regulate the body temperature himself. The Aerosleep mattress protector and fitted sheet are a great fit for the hot days ahead. They allow air circulation while your child sleeps, which guarantees free breathing and a baby who wakes up feeling refreshed.

aerosleep mattress protectorRing slings

If landing on some adventures with your little explorer close to your heart is on your to-do list this holiday, then the moon ring slings got your back! You can easily use the ring slings for upfront or back carrying. Their 100% pure linen fabric makes them perfect for the summer to enjoy the day activities and those long night walks with your baby.


So, are you ready to pack your bags and make your family’s holiday a happy getaway? We hope we helped you with some ideas over the items to have with you this summer. You are always welcome to visit our store in Badhoevedorp, see the summer products yourself and  have a nice chat together. Happy holidays!

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