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Add a Vintage Touch to your Nursery with the Woodies Cot Collection

Add a Vintage Touch to your Nursery with the Woodies Cot Collection

At Hola bb, we are so proud that back in 2019 we were the first store in the Netherlands to launch Woodies and bring its amazing baby furniture products to you. With safety and comfort in their mind, Woodies has crafted a variety of beautiful designs to ensure that your baby sleeps in a safe and cozy environment. With this blog dedicated to your baby’s sleep, join us to explore our favorite vintage range of cots from the Woodies collection. 
Woodies Noble Vintage Cot
Vintage aesthetics have been making a comeback in recent years and for a good reason. The Woodies Noble Vintage Cot is a stunning piece of furniture that brings the elegance of a vintage style to your baby’s room. The cot has an adjustable base with two mattress height settings, so you can choose the position that fits your baby. In our Woodies collection, we also have several anti-allergy and anti-fungal mattresses that provide full support for your baby’s back. Choose from Premium Latex Cot Mattress, Dual Sided Premium Airflow Mattress and combine them with your Noble Cot.
When you see this beautifully designed cot, you also get to ask yourself: “Till what age is this cot suitable?” The good news is that the Noble Cot can be easily adapted to your fast-growing little one all the way to being an independent toddler. When your baby is not so little anymore, the Noble Cot also has 3 removable bars to allow your growing toddlers to get in and out themselves.
You can also choose to convert the Woodies Noble Cot into a cozy bed for your growing toddler. By removing one side of the cot and adding the Vintage Day Bed Side, you will transform the once-called baby cot, into now a safe bed for your toddler to sleep in. Thanks to the way the bed side is structured, your child can freely exit and enter it.
For a bed that lasts them until they are aged 6, we would also opt for a Noble 2 in 1 Cot Bed. This option can be completely transitioned from a baby cot into a beautiful toddler bed. Once your baby grows and is ready to move to a big bed, you can easily adjust it to a normal bed and use it for many years to come. For additional protection and safety, when converting the cot into a toddler bed, we always suggest parents to add a Junior Side
Woodies Noble Vintage Crib

During the first seven months of the baby, parents prefer to sleep in the same room with their little one and choose the baby cribs. Thus, in our collection, we have also included the Noble Mini Crib. It has a very safe and stable structure, which allows you to have images on both the right and left sides of the crib to see the baby. For some rocking motions to the crib, then an option is adding the Noble Rocking Feet, which are easy to assemble and will nicely rock your baby to sleep. In our Woodies Mattress collection, you can also find the right mattress to fit your bed of choice.
To complement your Vintage Nursery adding a Noble Changing Table next to your cot or crib, so you can easily change your baby during their first year, is also an option. The great thing about Woodies changing tables is that when your baby grows, you can use the tables as nursery storage. They won’t take up a lot of space and will look wonderful in any room!
Woodies Star Dust Cot and Crib

If you are doubting between a modern or a vintage nursery, then with the Star Dust cot and crib you will get the best of both worlds since they fit perfectly both styles. The lovely Star Dust crib can be placed anywhere around the house and is very safe for your baby to sleep sweetly in it. If you prefer a cot over a crib then the Star Dust cot is also a good choice since it features 4 mattress heights, and it is a great cot for babies aged 0-3. Do you also want to add a changing table? Then, we suggest you combine it with the Classic Changing Table or Top Changing Table. They fit so well together; we love it!
Woodies Boho Cot

Do you maybe prefer a more bohemian style for your nursery? Then, the Boho Vintage Cot from Woodies will bring a bohemian vibe into your nursery. It will give you everything you need from safety, four levels of height mattress, 3 removable bars and a covered drawer. A cot to follow your baby from being a newborn to a growing and active toddler.
You can also check the full range of our Woodies collection to create your favorite vintage nursery interior or pay a visit to our store in Badhoevedorp for a closer look and get a glimpse of inspiration.
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