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8 thoughtful and practical maternity gifts every Mama will love

8 thoughtful and practical maternity gifts every Mama will love

Are you looking to buy a gift for a pregnant friend or relative. Stuck for ideas of that to buy? We've got you covered with our 8 most thoughtful and practical gifts.

1) Kenko skincare range

This natural skincare line for mothers and babies is such a thoughtful gift for a pregnant mama. You can either buy products just for Mama or buy a combination of products for Mama and Baby. Our favourite is the jojoba and Apricot soothing bath oil gift set. 

2) Mom Cheri Miracle Makers t shirt

The perfect gift for a cool trendy Spring Summer Mama. This lightweight t shirt will see you thorough your pregnancy and then turns into a great comfy breastfeeding t-shirt with its super handy zips by the sleeves. 

3) Mom bag - One of our favourite Mom bags is the Lil Atelier Danco Mommy bag. This super handy bag is made of a soft teddy fabric and has a good amount of space for carrying everything you might need for Mama and Baby. 

4) Moonie sleep aid - The Moonie Bear and Rabbit are one of our favourite products here at Hola BB. When baby comes along then the bear / rabbit will sleep with them, but towards the last weeks of pregnancy its nice for the Mama to sleep with it, so that their smell carries over to it. Making it even more comforting for the little one when he or she arrives. 


5) Thats Mine pregnancy and feeding pillowA gorgeous pillow that can be used during pregnancy, breast or bottle feeding or as a comfy place to rest for your baby. Place the pillow between your legs to find a comfortable sleep position when you are pregnant and then use as a feeding pillow when baby comes along. 

6) Thats Mine - Silva heat pillow. This wonderful heated pad made from wheat grains can be used throughout pregnancy to help with lower back aches and pains. Once baby has arrived the pillow continues to be super useful as it will help relieve any cramps and pains that you can experience during the breastfeeding period and many other situations. You can also freeze the pad and use it for sore breasts or as a cooling pillow during hot summer days.


7) The Miracle Makers Ruffled ShirtThis classic style blouse will make every pregnant mama feel a million dollars.

The beautiful frills in Parisian style and A line cut with puff sleeves made out of the softest gauze is the perfect gift for a future new mama that you'd like to spoil and congratulate.

This blouse comes in 3 different colours so something for all tastes. 

8) Nolow Alcohol free wine. For those moments when you want to celebrate with a glass of Bubbly, the Nolow range is super fancy and a lovely gift for when you're staying away from alcohol. Only available in store. 





Hopefully this have given you some good ideas of things things you can buy for the new mama in your life. 

We are always happy to help with choosing gifts or answering questions in our flagship store in Badhoevedorp.  

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