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Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: Meet the SleepyTroll Baby Rocker

Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights: Meet the SleepyTroll Baby Rocker

If there is a topic that never fails to come up when chatting between parents is the sleeping habits of our babies. Chances are that you have either heard or lived the sleepless nights spent rocking your baby. It is so nice to know all the tips and tricks on how to put your little ones to sleep, but what if your baby doesn’t always agree to them? What if you are tired of constantly having to rock your baby to sleep? Then, we are so happy to show you a bit more of the SleepyTroll Baby Rocker from our collection! Get ready with us to take a closer look at why this Baby Rocker is possibly our favorite baby product!

As parents of newborns, you begin to realise the meaning of sleep deprivation. So did Ståle, the dad of the newborn Silas, whose baby wouldn’t sleep unless he was feeling a rocking motion. In the quest of a good sleep for himself and the baby, he created the SleepyTroll, which made it possible to let a stroller rock itself and give the parents the rest they need. 

With a strong sense of sustainability, free of toxins, and supporting our mission of a sustainable future, we are proud to have the SleepyTroll brand as our partner!

The SleepyTroll Baby Rocker is designed with your and the baby’s comfort in mind. Simply attach the rocker to your baby’s stroller or car seat, adjust the speed, and then let the rocker work its soothing, allowing you to rest or take care of other things while knowing that your baby is sleeping soundly! As a sensor-controlled rocker, it detects sounds and movements and automatically starts rocking the stroller gently before your baby is fully awake. No fuss or hassle, just moments of calmness for you and your little one! 

Not only does the SleepyTroll fit a stroller but you can perfectly use it in the baby’s crib as well. This is where the SleepyTroll Bed Adaptor and the Bed Rocker Feet come in. The combination of the rocker with the adaptor and the bed rocker feet, will turn your baby’s cot into a serene cradle that mimics the motion of being held in your arms. When the sensors of the SleepyTroll rocker are activated, it will make a rocking motion for 3 minutes till it goes into sleep-monitoring mode. What is so great about SleepyTroll is that it is really a lifesaver for parents, and it will truly give so much extra time. The rocker also has a rechargeable battery, so it is quite easy to get it to work. It is the recipe to get your baby to settle and nap! In the end, a nice nap means a happy baby – and a happy baby surely means happy parents!

Have the very much-needed rest you deserve while giving your baby a peaceful sleep. After all, we all deserve the gift of a good night’s sleep

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