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Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mayli Jewelry Collection

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Mayli Jewelry Collection

As we are drawing closer to Mother’s Day on 14th May, we would love to take a moment to talk about this special occasion. As a mother, you may know that motherhood is not always easy, It is a rollercoaster of emotions. But through it all, there is nothing more rewarding than the love and bond you share with your little ones. To beautifully honor this special bond, we are very excited to take you with us and show you a little bit more about our Mayli jewellery brand collection.

Mayli was founded by Nhi Pham, a creative designer and a lovely mom of two. Inspired by her taste in beauty and traveling the world, she was able to design the adorable jewellery brand, Mayli, which radiates simplicity, timeless and fine creations. As a mother herself and to celebrate the beauty of motherhood Nhi, also created the personalized Mayli birthstone necklaces and Amber baby bracelets collection. And what better occasion is there to celebrate motherhood than Mother’s Day?

Mayli jewelry

As a timeless reminder of your motherly love, we have an amazing Mayli Birthstone Pendant selection, which will be a piece of jewellery to cherish for the years to come. Each necklace features an initial pendant and a birthstone of your choice, which symbolises the birth month. You may choose to personalise both the birthstone and the pendant with the birth month and initial from yourself, your baby, or any other loved ones. To make your necklace even more meaningful, as your family grows, you can simply choose to add another pendant with the initials of your little ones. 

Mayli Birthstone Pendant selection

Depending on your preferences you could also choose just a pendant necklace. What is great about the pendants is that they can be personalised in both the front and the back. Beyond the touch of elegance and the beauty of the pendants, each necklace symbolises the love, strength, and the heartfelt bond between you and your baby. It can be the most meaningful gift for yourself or for someone else you love on Mother’s Day! Choose between Gold initial Pendant, Energystone Necklace Gold Plated, Love Chain Emerald or Baroque Romance Necklace

Mayli jewelry pendantbaroque romanceLove Chain necklace

This year we've added some new pieces to the Mayli collection. Each of her bracelets are handmade with a tiny cute rhodochrosite. This gemstone is also known as the semi-precious stone of unconditional love. Such a beautiful small but meaningful gift to give.


Motherhood is a feeling of love and connection with your children, a sense of responsibility and protection. It is no surprise that as mothers, the best gift is also the well-being and the happiness of your children. For all the mothers who love to accessorize their little ones, we also have the stunning Amber baby collection, which has captured the hearts of mamas and is very popular in our store. The collection features Amber necklaces and Amber bracelets, which are a combination of beautiful gemstones, all made from Baltic amber. The inner composition of the gemstones and the release of the natural oils soothes the baby’s discomfort when teething. Also, good to know is that they are beneficial when worn by adults by easing muscles and joint aches.

Mayli Amber collection

In our Mayli collection, you can find different mixtures and colors of the jewellery that fit your style and taste to arrange the perfect gift for you on Mother’s Day. Take a look here for the full range of the collection!

xxx Team Hola BB

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