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The Laundry net

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This laundrynet sits in the Billie Wonder bin.


It is made of 100% organic cotton, measures 43 x 50 cm and designed to fit perfectly around The Bin’s outer edge. On laundry day, simply lift net out of bin, open draw string top, and throw net and used diaper contents into the washer. We recommend buying two nets, so you have one in the bin while the other is in the wash. Note: Net will shrink slightly in the wash but stretches out again when used.

Measurements 43x 50 cm

About the brand

Billie Wonder is a perfect fit to Hola BB. A caringly designed and easy-to-use collection of washable diapers and accessories. What's good for people and the planet is at the forefront for them, using the kindest materials and fairest sources available.

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