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Smart Sock Plus

by Owlet
€399.00 EUR
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The Owlet Smart Sock keeps an eye on your baby's heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep cycles, an invaluable tool for savvy parents!

It's the next generation of health and wellness monitoring – so you can rest easier knowing you have the latest technology watching out for your family.

**This product has a 1 week delivery window

Use the Sock to track your child's heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep trends from the first night you bring them home to the first day of school and enjoy peace of mind with every milestone. View your child's measurements in real-time with the free Owlet app and receive notifications if measurements fall outside the preset range, so you know when your child really needs you.

Your baby's future is full of moments you don't want to miss; enjoy every one of them with the only smart baby monitor you'll ever need.

Age: 0-5 years

Smart Sock Plus: Sock sensor, base station, three sock sizes for left and right feet (2.2 to 25 kg), power adapter, and charging cords.

About the brand

Created by parents, Smart Sock gives moms and dads the knowledge they need when they need it, enabling each parent to experience more contentment and calm during their extraordinary parenting experience.

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