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KIMI Cot including Mattress & Topper

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€785.00 EUR
Color: Desert
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After the KUMI cradle, here is the KIMI bed, an evolving 120×60 cm baby bed with roundness and transparency. A completely new cot in terms of its conception and design.

Choose from a foam or natural mattress.

**Shipped within 2-3 weeks


KIMI has no bars
No more bars on your baby's bed! Thus, he can see the world around him without hindrance and above all not hurt himself by getting his leg or arm stuck. In addition, the absence of bars will prevent it from leaning on to go over the side of the bed.

KIMI is made of raw beech without any treatment.
We wanted to eliminate any toxic product in contact with your baby. Especially on the sides of the bed that babies tend to chew on when teething. The KIMI is therefore made of raw beech wood without any treatment, very finely sanded, wonderfully soft to the touch.

KIMI is scalable, to last a very long time
When your child is ready to sleep in a bed without protection, you can remove one of the sides of the bed to transform it into an open bed. If you are worried about it falling off during the night, you can add our YOMI bumper to the side of the mattress. You will be able to use your KIMI as a bed until your child is 4/5 years old. And even beyond, since you can use it as a sofa bed.

KIMI is customizable
Choose the cord that will go best with your interior, change the cord for your second child. You can also opt for a straight lacing instead of the crossed one, KIMI adapts to your desires and your tastes. Also choose the mattress and its mattress topper (optional) that suits you best. A CertiPur foam mattress and mattress topper made in France, or a mattress with a firmer baby side and a softer child side, and its organic mattress topper.

Kimi is beautiful!
Well, it's true, it's all a matter of taste! But at Charlie Crane we are very proud of our latest baby. With its airy design, its soft and harmonious curves, its attention to detail, it is unlike any other bed while integrating perfectly into any child's room.

Features :

  • Extra simple assembly using the supplied Allen key
  • Detachable and machine washable fabric
  • Design: Gaspard Tiné-Bérès for Charlie Crane
  • Deposited model
  • Supplied without mattress: Mattress and on mattress optional


  • Dimensions of the bed: 130 x 76 x H 75 cm
  • Mattress dimensions: 120 x 66 x H 8 cm
  • Bed base height: 16 cm
  • Height of the sides of the bed: 75 cm

Composition :

  • Structure in sanded raw beech wood from Europe. Bed base in birch plywood.
  • Mesh cocoon: 100% Polyester net – 100% cotton bottom
  • Laces: 100% Polyester round braided laces, thickness 5mm

Package contents:

  • 4 arches and 4 legs in raw beech
  • 1 birch plywood bed base
  • 1 cocoon
  • 1 bag of hardware
  • 6 laces, 6.50 m long, Desert color
  • 1 user manual (FR/EN/DE/NL/IT/ES)

    Complies with European standards EN716-1:2017+AC:2019 & EN716-2:2017

    Download manual

    English / Dutch

    About the brand

    Charlie Crane were on our wish list for a long time, not just because of their beautiful design, wonderful local production and their great team. But because unlike most baby bouncers you can use theirs from birth.

    Any new mum will tell you a cozy, rocking space for your newborn to relax safely is a god send in those first few months

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