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Noble Vintage cot

The Woodies Noble Vintage cot

 The Woodies Noble cot is a big favorite of yours, and we can understand why. With its beautiful vintage look its suitable for almost every nursery!

After minimalistic trends with a lot of white, there are now a lot more romantic shapes and wood shades to be found. The Woodies cot perfectly fits this style, with its lovely arched sides and light walnut color. Whether its a boys or a girls room, the Woodies noble cot is neutral enough to style in different ways. Depending on which colors and decoration you use, it can be either tough and robust or elegant and graceful.                 

Your little one will sleep like a baby in this beautiful cot. The sides are closed, which gives a cozy and secure feeling. When your child grows bigger and becomes more independent, you can remove some of the bars so he or she can climb in and out on his/her own. This cot will be a beautiful piece of nursery furniture for years!

Two ways to style your Noble vintage cot

To help you on your way, we have created two mood boards that show you how you could style your Vintage Noble cot. We used wallpaper from Summer Gray and paint from Farrow & Ball. All the products you can shop online in our webshop.

Vintage Noble cot moodboard girlsroom

In this nursery we have combined different shades of dusty pink with a neutral cream which creates a calm and vintage look. We've used the wallpaper called 'Eve' in the Rose color and combined it with Slipper Satin and Sulking Room pink from Farrow and Ball. Other furniture and accessories:

Noble vintage cot Moodboard boysroom

Here we have combined different shades of blue with a neutral cream which creates a mysterious, cozy and vintage look. We've used the wallpaper called 'Ranunculus' in the Midnight blue color and combined it with Slipper Satin and De Nimes from Farrow and Ball. Other furniture and accessories:

Did you know that we also have a Noble crib in our collection? This crib lets you easily create the same style in your own bedroom for the first couple of months. In combination with the rocking feet you're able to easily rock your baby to sleep.

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