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Mother's Day blog: These are our mommy-favorites & how Motherhood changed us

Mother's Day blog: These are our mommy-favorites & how Motherhood changed us

With Mother's Day just around the corner we thought we'd reflect on motherhood with the Hola BB team. How have we changed since having children? Do we see our own mothers differently now we are mothers ourselves?

On Mother's Day mothers get a little bit of extra attention from the kids and partner. Ofcourse we know they appreciate us every day of the year, but it's still nice to be spoiled a bit sometimes! A homemade breakfast, some kids artwork and maybe even a little gift? We've selected our personal mommy-favorites, cause it's not just baby items at Hola BB! Read on to see what they are.. 

Elisha Danare - Operations Director

How has becoming a mother changed you? I've become less social and more selective with who I let in to my inner circle. I am more aware of how my mood affects my family and so I no longer allow negative influences is. If anything i'm just too tired for the drama or negativity. if it's not all good it's out.
Do you see your own mother(s) differently now that you are a mother yourself?
I'm in awe of how strong my mothers were and that I didnt understand that strength until I became a mother, It really is superhuman and surprising because motherhood really is a rollercoaster.
What is the most beautiful/challenging aspect of being a mum?
Seeing myself as a child in my daughters, having pure moments where we fully connect like when I remember what it was like watching a certain classic kids film. Or they understand they have done something special like walked on their own or said a new word. Challenging is the mum guilt, it creeps up all the time and at times can be overwhelming.
What would your ideal Mothers Day look like?
Breakfast in bed followed by a day at the beach with my little family. Then a night at a hotel without my little family.

Elisha's Mommy-favorites

Moon Sling ringsling
I loved how close I could keep my little Elise with me when she was first home as she was a very tiny preemie so she wanted to be held a lot. It allowed me to keep her close while still tending to my older daughter. I'm so used to it, I use it everywhere with her especially when I need to.

Nanami Teddy Bag 

I am in love with how soft it is plus its a great switch up to the normal mum bag.

Nanami wrap Blouse 
Just love love love. I have all of the different colours and I am not pregnant nor planning to be again. So flowy and comfortable.

Nhi Pham - Customer Service Manager:

How has becoming a mother changed you?
It has made me realize that there are better things in life than having the nicest bag or that branded pair of shoes. I now love the small things in life, getting time to spend with family, buying my parents their favorite dish to eat and so on.
Do you see your own mother(s) differently now that you are a mother yourself?
My mother didn't know what maternity leave meant nor did she rest after giving birth. She worked so hard for us at all levels and always with a smile! "no no, I'm fine". Even though I see her back hurting. I realize now where it comes from, how it may have been for her. The emotions and physical feelings. It makes me just love her a gazillion times more!
What is the most beautiful/challenging aspect of being a mum?
Accepting that I was now a mom. Never read a book on pregnancy or becoming one, I just went on gut feeling. The most challenging phase and yet the most beautiful thing! I learned to love being who I am, a mom! The luckiest person who gets to see her two little monkeys grow and grow. To see them grow makes me so proud :)
What would your ideal mothersday look like?
Being surprised by my kids with breakfast in bed incl. a drawing or self-made object. A beautiful bouquet and a kiss on my forehead from my husband and him telling me that I'm the best mom haha. Sounds very quirky... But yeah.

Nhi's Mommy-favorites

Wares Organic Cotton Kaya Robe in Meadow 
This is perfect to just throw on in the morning! Also I'm the mother who loves easy (lazy) clothing, I would totally put on jeans and a tee underneath to quickly start the day! :)

Sapphire Moon Ring Sling
Philou, our 1 y/o, loves cuddling. From time to time she refuses to walk and I love to cuddle so I love to carry her again like a newborn. I'll never know when the time comes that she doesn't want cuddles anymore.
Studio Noos Bag Denim 
This one is perfect for a summer feeling! I already imagine me putting all the beach toys, blankets, and other beach-gear for the summer! Or just groceries when it's not beachy weather :)

Olivia Harvey - Founder

How has becoming a mother changed you?
It changed me initially far more than I thought it would and for a year or so I felt a bit lost in my new self. 4 years on I'm far more calm, patient and understanding but also just as driven and passionate as I ever was. 
Do you see your own mother(s) differently now that you are a mother yourself?
Definitely! I also see that I expected a lot from her as a child with very little understanding of how hard she was working to manage 3 kids. 
What is the most beautiful/challenging aspect of being a mum?
I love being able to experience pure joy in the simplest things again, as adults we easily forget how magical the world around us can be so seeing our children experience these things is really beautiful. 
I've found so many things to be extremely challenging but I always remind myself of the best piece of advice I ever got, 'it's just a phase'. I think I've told myself that about 10,000 times in the last 4 years. 
What would your ideal Mother's day look like?
Just a cosy lazy day, breakfast and mimosa in bed, maybe a trip to the beach or flower gardens then more eating and drinking lovely food I haven't cooked myself. 

Olivia's Mommy-favorites

Quax rocking chair 
By far my favorite chair, I'm actually sat in it as I write this :) We used it in a photoshoot and I couldn't not have it at home.  Having struggled with a terrible back since birth I find this chair supports me in all the right places whilst being comfy enough to literally sleep in. My son is no longer a baby but he still loves a cuddle whilst rocking on this chair. And of course it looks beautiful in our home, taking up a surprisingly small amount of space. 
Olli Ella Toaty Trunk
This is a little pricey but gives me such joy! In Spring/Summer it's our outdoor picnic basket, the perfect size for food, crockery, a couple of glasses and a bottle of bubbly.
I never really appreciated personalized items until I had my baby, now I wear this beautiful necklace every day and will treasure it forever.  I also love how if our family grows I can just add another pendant. 

Elise Groenewoud - Marketing Manager

How has becoming a mother changed you? 
It has definitely made me more assertive. I was never really good at speaking my mind and saying no, but when I had a baby I had to in order to protect her. Becoming a mother made me a stronger woman, I want my kids to feel safe with me.
Do you see your own mother differently now that you are a mother yourself?When I had my first baby I was overwhelmed with love for her. I realized my mother felt the same for me! She always told me but it wasn't until I experienced it myself that I really understood. It has also given me great respect for her as a single mother, something I found so normal back then. I realize now how hard that must have been.
What is the most beautiful/challenging aspect of being a mum?
The most beautiful thing is seeing them develop and turning into little individuals with their own opinions and likes/dislikes. The most challenging thing for me is finding enough down-time to recharge when there are 3 little creatures around me all the time. Creating a good balance between being with the kids and having me-time is something I struggle with sometimes, but thats ok. They’re only little for such a short while and I'm sure I'll miss them being around so much someday.
What would your ideal mothersday look like?
A big elaborate breakfast with the family. We eat in our pyjama’s at the kitchentable, I open self made presents from the kids and maybe a cute little present from my husband ;-)) Then I go to the spa with a friend and when I get home I have a romantic dinner with my husband while the kids are in bed.

Elise's Mommy-favorites

Minu Wrap 

This was such a lifesaver in the newborn phase. I feel like my baby really felt like he was back in the womb. It gave me my hands free so I could take care of the other kids or clean/cook.

Nipper & Co Tea
I LOVE tea. I drink it every morning, during the day and before going to bed. This lactation tea helps me when my milk can use a boost :-).


Olli Ella underwares 
These are so soft and comfortable, and I love the colors. I wish I would've had these during my pregnancy! 

 See our whole Mother's Day collection here! 

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