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Gwenn's top 10 favorite products

Gwenn's top 10 favorite products

When I started working for Hola BB last summer, I was expecting my first baby and I had absolutely no idea what I'd need and what not. There is such a big market for baby products and to be honest not everything is really essential. As a mom (or dad) to be, this is why it can be difficult to make choices. So we thought, why not help you out by sharing our top ten of products that we were/are genuinely happy to have! These are the products that I used or still use with my son Bodi. I hope it makes it easier for you to make your own selection now! 

Top 10 favorites

Moonboon hammock

When Bodi was 3 months old I started working again. At that time he was in a tough period where he could hardly sleep during the day. I kept on walking him around in the baby carrier or pram but as soon as I stood still he woke up. Sleeping in his own bed in the afternoon was simply not possible either. Because I was going to work from home for an afternoon and I didn't know how I could manage that, we bought the Moonboon. I was afraid that this was one of these products where it seemed better than it would actually be… but it was not! The moonboon really helped me through some really tough moments. As soon as I put Bodi in the hammock, he relaxed. Because he was still very focussed on everything that he could see, which prevented him from falling asleep, I put an XL swaddle over the wooden slat. We now even sell a canopy that fits perfectly. But however, this made him feel like he was lying in his own cocoon and he fell asleep just like that (really!).

 Baby sleeping in Moonboon hammock

Stokke Carrier Limas Plus

Prior to my work at Hola BB I had made it into my head to spend 300 euros on a certain baby carrier. The main reason for this was the design, haha. I'm so glad I didn't. The Stokke Limas Plus is so nice to use and to be honest I really like this color. The fact that it is so pleasant to use is mainly due to the wide straps around your back that distribute the weight very well. The baby carrier also has no uncomfortable straps under your arms (think of summer shirts and sweltering weather...). In addition, the baby carrier can be used from 4-18 kilos, where many other baby carriers are not. And you can use it in different ways: as a side carrier, front carrier and back carrier, especially when your child is a bit bigger, that becomes handy.

Cocoon Natural Mattress

It was very important to me that Bodi would sleep on a good and natural mattress. This was much more important to me than the bed he would lie in. We try very hard to live in a sustainable way and a non-natural mattress really didn't feel like the right choice for me. The natural materials ensure that the mattress ventilates very well and it provides good support. Because you can turn the mattress around, you have a mattress for both the baby period and the toddler period that is well tailored to the needs of your child. I don't mind the fact that the cover is not washable. I use a good mattress protector and as soon as it gets dirty I have a spare in the cupboard and I can use the bed again immediately.

Summer Gray wallpaper

Not everything has to be practical, certainly not if you have a background in interior design. Bodi’s room has the Ranunculus (Midnight Blue) wallpaper. It gives so much atmosphere to the room and was very easy to apply.


Joolz Geo stroller

Even though I have the predecessor of the Joolz Geo3, this one should not be missing from the list. Because we have a dog and often walk through the woods, I was looking for a stroller suitable for rougher terrain. The extra large shopping basket is also a real plus.

Dinner jacket

Because I like to let Bodi grab his food hisself, everything was dirty once he had started with eating solid foods. With this apron I let him experiment carefree.

Miracle makers Tshirt and sweater

I have worn this sweater and t-shirt so much during the time I was breastfeeding. Especially outside the house, for example on a terrace, I was very happy with the hidden zippers. This way you could still feed your baby with a little more privacy. And where I find most maternity / nursing clothing a bit dull, I really like our line.

XL swaddle

I really use the XL swaddles for just about everything: In the beginning for swaddling, then sheet in his crib, for feeding, over the Moonboon hammock, over the pram when he was tired but too distracted to fall asleep.

Portable changing mat

Beforehand I thought a portable changin mat would be a bit overkill and you wouldn't really need it. When I went out more with Bodi I was surprised at how many dirty changing places there are at restaurants. Then it's nice to have such an extra mat with you. But also during long walks in nature or when we were visiting friends, I was happy to have my own mat with me. The compartments in it are handy for your wipes and diapers, so you have everything easily at hand.


What makes the Moonie so great is that it has many different options, you can choose from different sounds, you can easily adjust the volume, the light is optional and you can even choose from different colors. At night, while feeding, the light is nice and soft. But you can also choose to turn off the light as standard, this way the battery will last extra long. The Moonie also has a rechargeable battery instead of batteries, which I find much more convenient.

If I could do it again:

Snuzpod co-sleeper

I had bought a rattan cradle for Bodi. It looked beautiful, but in the end I would have preferred a co sleeper. To be honest, I thought beforehand that it would be a bit of an unnecessary luxury to be able to grab your baby from your bed. I thought: It's not that much extra effort to get out of bed when you're going to feed your baby at night. Once in the maternity week I had a hard time physically. And getting out of bed hurt and felt uncomfortable. If I had to choose again, I would definitely buy a co sleeper. Mama, make it yourself as easy and comfortable as possible for yourself during this period. There's so much new, challenging and beautiful experiences coming at you already.

Billie Wonder Washable diapers

For Bodi I used washable diapers from another brand. We didn’t have Billie Wonder in our collection yet back then. After a while I was a bit less enthusiastic about the ones I had. When I got to try Billie Wonder I was able to compare the two brands and I was pleasantly surprised. Billie Wonder's diapers last longer, fit a newborn better and are a lot smaller than the diapers I used. In addition, there is a separate night diaper, so you can also easily use the diapers at night. Do you also want to try it out yourself? Then I advise you to purchase The Trial Kit.

I hope this blog helps you to choose between all the many available options that are out there. And most of all, I hope you'll enjoy the precious time coming ahead!



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