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International Women's day Auction for Charity

International Women's day Auction for Charity

As far as we are concerned it should be International Women's day all year! That is why we will continue the women supporting women movement a bit longer. The auction to support the women of Ukraine, who really need our help more than ever, runs until Sunday. 

The recent news that Russian air-raids purposely targeted health centres with maternity wards breaks our hearts and we're more determined than ever to do what we can to help. 

We're immensely grateful for the other female founders who helped us set up and run this auction and so this blog is to tell a little more about these incredible women. Their brands, products and who they are as women.

If you'd like to take part you can find all the products and services on offer here. 


Ring sling brand Moon is founded by 2 mothers, Claire & Olivia, from opposite sides of the world who came together in Amsterdam.

Both women share the fundamental belief that there’s no better way to hold your little one than heart to heart with ring slings, the unsung heroes of baby wearing.

With Moon, they not only take care of mothers and their babies. They also take good care of mother nature. Each Moon sling is made from carefully-considered and sourced materials, including 100% linen fabric from the Netherlands.




Jewelry brand Mayli is founded by Nhi. Born and raised in The Netherlands, Nhi is a creative individual, a designer, and a fun loving mom of two! 

MAYLI originated even before she finished her Fashion Branding & Marketing studies in Denmark. Nhi started to travel the world firsthand on sourcing the materials she had imagined for her designs. While traveling not only for work but also adventures she would get inspired for Mayli, the Jewelry brand known for its simplicity, fine and conscious creations.

Our favorites are the personalized Mayli birthstone necklaces and amber baby bracelets.



Beautiful France brand Prélude is created by Clémence after the birth of her daughter. Along with beautiful moments, Clémence found the loneliness and difficulty of the first months after birth challeging. She was definitely not the only one with these feelings and created a podcast of testimonies (in French) called Prélude, to give future parents concrete examples of daily life with a newborn.

After 6 months Céline joined Prélude and together they bring helpful products and beauty in everyday parentlife. Prélude has reinvented textile accessories to really please parents, such as their stunning baby bag including a changing mattress.

Their products are made in France and Portugal, in family-run workshops with a great savoir-faire.

Palais de l`eau

Conchita has two kids with her great love and their goal is to make every day a party. After a career in events and advertising, Conchita dared to jump in the deep with her own design of the Baby Towel. Invented 5 years ago when she was bumbling with her newborn. It now is the maternity gift for many.

At Palais de l'eau, sustainability is a priority. The Raw Cotton collection and Recycled Denim capsule collection are both amazing.

Summer Gray 

Lauranza and her husband founded Summer Gray, the home of beautiful wallpapers which have been carefully handpicked for you. Their goal is to help people create magic in their homes through beautiful, eco friendly and sustainable wall coverings.

They specialise in curating and selecting the most beautiful wallpapers, wall murals and wall art, helping people to create their dream rooms through visually inspiring products. Elevate your nursery with their marvelous wall art. 

1-on-1 coaching - balancing your new role in motherhood with your career

Mies is a professional management coach and she worked herself through the same transition as you as a mother (to be) are going through. (Re)evaluating her motivations when becoming a mom helped her get her priorities straight, while living up to her values. Making choices and acting on them, either in her career or in her personal life, is a breeze for Mies now. It’s the foundation of living her professional life, as well as her personal life, in flow.


Mari created the Minu wraps as a result of her own interest for healthy and natural baby development, with the intent of creating style and comfort that both babies and parents could appreciate.

Babywearing became a passion of Mari shortly after her daughter was born. She got to her first wrap by chance, when she found a really long piece of fabric in her closet and she Googled how to make a home-made one.

After managing to get her daughter in the wrap, the little girl quickly fell asleep and calmed down. It felt as if Mari managed to soothe her daughter with own hands and body. Since then, carrying has become their favourite activity. Mari's passion is to create this for new parents too with the stunning super soft Baby wraps. 

Garbo & Friends

Most of our favourite prints are designed by Garbo & Friends. Based in Stockholm, Sweden and founded in 2012 by illustrator and designer Susann.

Garbo&Friends is originally created for the little ones in the family. They want to design products that are beautiful, sustainable and inspirational. Products that stands the test of time, both in terms of style and quality, essentially enabling their products to be handed forward to a new generation. Their best sustainability advice is to use and re-use the items you love.



For the auction we have selected two charities with years of experience saving and supporting mothers and children from all over the world, who now use all their knowledge and expertise to help the children and women of Ukraine.

UNFPA - Focus on women and girls living in crisis situations in a world full of conflicts.

Save the Children. - Help vulnerable children all over the world who are often the biggest victims of crises, conflict and war.

Help protecting women and children around the world to not only survive but thrive by placing your bid here.

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