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Music class 'Where is your nose?'

Music class 'Where is your nose?'

Play along with the teddy bear and look for your nose, your stomach and your ears.. The bear plays peek-a-boo and jumps on and off the stool. Can you do that too?

Get your little ones moving on the music made by the wonderful music teacher Félice with fun little missions to participate.

The only things needed are: a cloth, a bear and a stool.

Love this video? You can check out Félice her classes and more on her Youtube channel. 

Meet Félice, She is one of the 400 teachers of Music on the Lap  and is based in Delft. In addition, she provides Music Quarter training to pedagogical employees and childminders throughout the country. She has also published a book: 'Muziekkwartier'.

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