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4 reasons why the Puckababy sleeping bag is a solution for restless babies

4 reasons why the Puckababy sleeping bag is a solution for restless babies

Once your baby is born, you start to truly face the challenges of providing him with good and restful sleep. For many parents, the unhealthy sleeping pattern of their newborns turns into an issue that really makes the baby tired and not comfortable. If you find yourself in a situation like this, the Puckababy-Piep sleeping bag is a decent solution for your restless baby. Here are some reasons why!

A safe alternative for swaddling

For babies that have difficulties falling asleep, many parents favor swaddling to settle down their little ones. Especially for the newborns, who wake themselves up and keep constantly crying since they are used to the safe feeling in your belly and are inexperienced with the sudden change, known as the moro reflex. That is why, the Puckabbay sleeping bag is a top choice for babies up to 3 months. Thanks to its shape, your baby will have again the comfy feeling he had in his mommy’s womb.

Very comfortable and secure

The Puckababy sleeping bag has a belly band that keeps the sleeping bag in place by creating a sense of security while your baby sleeps with it. The small, cute arms and legs are gently nestled inside the sleeping bag, providing your baby an undisturbed sleep and an improved sleep routine. The cotton fabric also feels very pleasant…no doubt that your baby will sleep much more peacefully on it.

Relieves stomach cramps
The benefits of your baby having better and longer sleep will facilitate the process of stomach cramps relief, which is quite common for newborns. Such a deep sleep is extra helpful for the baby to wake up well-rested!

Heat is well-regulated
Maintaining the right temperature for your baby is a very important step for sound sleep. The soft and breathable materials of the sleeping bag can help you in regulating your baby’s ideal temperature for cooler and warmer nights.
Ready to provide more rest to your baby and fewer worries to yourself? Explore our Puckababy sleeping bag collection and choose which design you prefer the most!