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Bump up the comfort of your little one: Why we love the KAOS Klapp highchair

Bump up the comfort of your little one: Why we love the KAOS Klapp highchair

Being a parent is a joyful experience, but it can also be a difficult one. Yet making parenting a breeze, is what we do. We were so happy to discover KAOS back in 2019, when we first added to our collection their revolutionary Klapp folding highchair, beautifully designed to help your child stay firmly seated.

Driven by the great desire to make better baby products that are both functional and sustainable, Gineline Kalleberg and Mette Bordal Hansen, established KAOS in 2014. With the babies in their arms, they started developing products that came from the real need they had as parents. After 5 years of research and work, they created the KAOS Klapp highchair, a high-quality, wooden and sustainable chair that was really missing out there. Whilst KAOS Klapp is designed for comfort and convenience, that is not all. It is also made from eco-friendly materials that are safe and gentle for your baby and the environment, or as we like to call it, a product that is ‘good for your little ones and good for the planet’.

KAOS high chair









As parents, we want to make a cozy and comfy space for our little ones everywhere we go, right? Well, then the KAOS Klapp is definitely a winner! You will love how easy it is to pack the KAOS Klapp in your car, thanks to its super simple folding mechanism. Whether you are going on a holiday, to a restaurant, or making grandparents happy with a visit from their grandchildren, just buckle it up and you are ready to go! And once you get there, simply fold it out, and yes, you are done!

What makes the KAOS Klapp highchair even more exciting, is its adjustable feature, meaning you will not have to replace it anytime soon. When telling their story, Gineline and Mette were not happy with the short-lifespan products in the market. They wanted to change that, and they did! With KAOS Klapp, as your baby grows into new positions, you can just switch from the newborn seat to the safety rail, it is that easy. KAOS Klapp is built to last, safe to say it is a chair for all childhood! To make the Klapp highchair more versatile as your child gets older, you may see additional accessories in our KAOS collection:

KAOS - Klapp high chair + Newborn set
KAOS Klapp Junior Harness
KAOS Klapp - Safety Rail
KAOS Klapp - Vol 2 Tray
KAOS - Klapp Cushion set

After using the chair at home ourselves, we are so pleased to share our review with you and say that we are not disappointed. We know that nothing is more important than the well-being of your baby. Our little ones deserve the best and we are here to help you with that!

Team Hola xxx

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